MZ Models sells 1/1250 Waterline ships - mostly of US Navy ships.  We sell both metal ships which are die cast and now resin 3d models.  Recently, to improve the quality of our miniatures, we are replacing our models with new Resin based 3d printed models which are higher quality.  Look for our entire product line up to be redone in 3d CAD based new models all with new designs.
USS Jackson was commissioned in 2015.  If you wish to remove the forward antenna they snap off too easily

This Models represents MZmodels new technology to always improve quality and repeatability.  We now use advance CAD designs made in Ann Arbor Michigan and 3d printing from Things Smiths also from Ann Arbor Michigan.  Ann Arbor is home of the Mighty Michigan Wolverines which is where Mark Zolna went to University

We also use new improved decals.  All painting and assembly is done in Northville Michigan. Making this model an all US made product.
USS Jackson LCS #6 

New in Resin is the USS Jackson LCS #6.  This is an all new model and is an awesome casting in Resin.  The Independence class LCS has unique capabilities from the wide beam. Its deck can handle 4 vehicles abreast like HUMVEES and Strikers. These can roll on and roll off.  The deck can land C53 super stallions and V22 Ospreys,  Their is also an elevator from the deckwell hold to the flight well capable of lifting a 20' container. This provides this platform outstanding capabilities to swap out mission moldules or deliver SEALS and Marines to shallow areas.

USS Jackson Painted

All Models are painted grey and include the decal

If you would like the model as a kit we can do this and provide an un painted resin model with decal. 

Prices are $35 for painted model kit with attached flight decal.  $20 for an unpainted Resin kit with stand alone decal for you to paint and apply for $20 plus shipping of $5.  please email at to enquire timing