MZ Models sells 1/1250 Waterline ships - mostly of US Navy ships.  We sell both metal ships which are die cast and now resin 3d models.  Recently, to improve the quality of our miniatures, we are replacing our models with new Resin based 3d printed models which are higher quality.  Look for our entire product line up to be redone in 3d CAD based new models all with new designs.
USS Detroit as she looked at her Commissioning on the Detroit River

This Models represents MZmodels new technology to always improve quality and repeatability.  We now use advance CAD designs made in Ann Arbor Michigan and 3d printing from Things Smiths also from Ann Arbor Michigan.  Ann Arbor is home of the Mighty Michigan Wolverines which is where Mark Zolna went to University

We also use new improved decals from Dan Arute of Bedford NH.  All painting and assembly is done in Northville Michigan. Making this model an all US made product.
USS Detroit LCS #7 

With the U.S. Naval Sea Cadets we made a commerative model of the USS Detoit LCS for the LCS Commissioning on October 22, 2017 in Detoit Michigan.  My son wanted to sell something cooler than cookie doe as a fund raiser so we made these and sold them at the commissioning ceremony .  Now we are selling them to the General Public. If you wish to make a donation to the sea cadets Buy the $40 version and $20 of the ship price will go to the James M Hannan Sea Cadets. In effect MZmodels matches your $10 donation  Please see our Box art below that comes with your sea cadet purchase

USS Detroit Painted
USS Detoit with Donation to Sea Cadets

The above picture shows the difference between the earlier metal version and the new and improved 3D resin version which substnatially improved the model

Prices are $30 for painted model kit with attached flight decal.  $40 for painted model kit with commerative box ($20 of this price goes to the US Naval Sea Cadets James. S. Hannon Division.)  We also can send you an unpainted Resin kit with stand alone decal for you to paint and apply for $20 plus shipping.