Electromagnetic rail gun  turrent.  This turrent is a stand alone turrent to model the electromagnetic rail gun.  It is seprate and the user can add or keep it separate

Yellow dot shows were to add the turrent.


The Navy has changed the JHSV class name to T-EPF-5

T stands for Transport, EP stands or Expeditionary, F Stands for Fast,  5 means the 5th Spearhead ship in the class.

This is the Navy's Pick-up truck.

USNS Trenton T-EPF-5 is a spearhead class fast transport.  Spearhead ships can transport about 300 Marines, 4 to 5 Abram tanks as well as an aviation flight deck to operate a UH60 Blackhawk helicopter.  The Spearhead is intended to operate in shallow waters - litorial operations and would work in conjunction with LCS ships like the Indepedence and Freedom class.  Spearhead class ships would deliver special operations troops, Marines, or other Army units to a port or beach head quickly.

Shortly after delivery, the Navy revealed that the Trenton would be used for at-sea tests of its experimental electromagnetic railgun. Tests will begin in late summer 2016 off the coast of Florida to assess the gun's ability to perform naval surface fire support against  floating targets 25–50 nmi (29–58 mi; 46–93 km) away using GPS guided hyper velocity projectiles (HVPs).

Photo shows Trenton with and without the experimental rail gun.  The gun comes as a separate piece 
Trenton is available for $45, not including shipping.

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